Victorian Harness Racing is an Absolute Farce and the Stewards are Nothing But a Bad Joke – Gavin Lang Gets the All Clear After Hooking a $1.20 Favorite – They Would Have to Be Bloody Kidding Wouldn’t They?


This is the just released stewards report into the harness race at Mildura that I wrote about in the last story.

You saw what happened in that race.

You saw Gavin Lang’s foot in the other driver’s cart.

Blind Freddy did too.

The stewards didn’t though.

I didn’t realise that Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder were officiating at the Mildura meeting on Sunday.

You saw the other driver – Zac Phillips – staring down at Lang’s foot and thinking “WTF is this prick doing?”

You saw that Phillips didn’t do anything to separate the horse’s wheels. He couldn’t, he was jammed up against the fence and anyway he had the lead and Gavin Lang had come from behind him and locked the wheels, so it was Lang’s responsibility to take the necessary action to separate them.

How on earth then could the Stewards find that Phillips had made considerable efforts to rectify the situation?

How could they find that Lang made considerable efforts? The only effort he made was to ensure that the situation couldn’t be rectified.

These Stewards are dead set making it up as they go.

How could they miss Lang’s clear and utterly blatant breach of the rules by deliberately removing his foot from his own cart and putting it in Phillips?

Why are the Stewards covering this whole episode up?

Why are they protecting Gavin Lang?

Why are they allowing long odds on favorites to be pulled up?

What the hell is going on in Victorian harness racing?

There can be only one answer.

The fix is in.

This is a scandal.

We can smell the stench all the way from up here in Vegas.

Sal Perna if you don’t do something about this rubbish then you’re a joke too and should be sacked before dinner time.

This is a fraud on punters.

The big is question though is this.

Is it an organised conspiracy?

Over to you Mr Perna.

What are you going to do?

Nothing is not an answer.

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