Bits and Pieces From the Asian Racing Conference – And a Little Bit of ET Too


Look who’s bobbed up at the Asian Racing Conference.

It’s ET!

The fake doctor that we sacked as Racing Queensland CEO because he was useless, although Eliot Forbes will always tell anyone who will listen that he resigned.

Archie will assure the same people that pigs fly.

I guess the little man with the aggro attitude and not a single clue is using his golden handshake to shake the hands of anyone who might give him a job and stroke his Napoleon sized-ego.

Poor bugger could have saved his money and just asked me if I knew whether there was anything going, for I have found a job perfectly suited to the Camel Jockey cum Vet’s skills and undoubted humpy ability.


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

Look who else is in Seoul.

It’s Tezza, the bloke who sunk Birchley.

Or so he thinks.

Must be networking ahead of the new gig at Kranji.


The bloke on the left is Scott Matthews, a former very ordinary stipe at the doggies and the trots in Sydney who went to Singapore and didn’t really cut the grade then got a job in Korea – which was one step ahead of the gig in Mongolia – because no-one else wanted or would have him.

I’m not sure if Matthews realises this but we actually know each other from back in the day, although I am not going to betray secrets by telling from where and when.

Let me just say one thing.

He hasn’t changed.

Wake up Mr Matthews!

Remember that one son?


As an aside hasn’t Steve Railton got old?

He and I were both in the Stewards Room during Fine Cotton, and he was very kind to me when I was young and dreamed about becoming a stipe on the one night a month that I didn’t dream of becoming a professional punter, and I have always thought very highly of the man.

Things I’ve heard about him since re-engaging in a central sense with racing make me wonder if perhaps I might in my innocence have been mistaken, but after I was raped and veered sharply off the rails and even fucking up my prized job at the race track that Andy Tindall had got me, Steve Railton was the first to stand beside me and try in his own small way to help, even though he didn’t have a clue what the hell had gone wrong.

I don’t care what he is, or what he has become, and I refuse to believe it anyway.

To me the bloke’s a hero and always will be.

Even if he does come from Albany Creek, or at least across the road from the Hypermarket anyway.

He is getting old though.

I will too I hope.


This is Ben Currie with the Shah of Iran.

Nah, just joking.

Nice hat though Tornado.

Hey has anyone seen Nifty Nev?

One Comment

  1. As is so often the case this idiot who loves to bag everyone just because he can has had a shot at a bloke in this article called Scott Mathews and he has done this for no clear reason other than he is an arsehole..

    In this article Archie says he once knew Scott in the day then goes on to call him an ordinary steward and roll out his CV all be it wrong on a number of fronts..

    Here is Scott Matthews CV as I recall it, unlike Archie I will not guarantee its total accuracy

    He was a Steward then Handicapper with the AJC when they were in control of integrity in NSW. followed by a stint in Singapore. Scott then made the code change to Greyhounds never worked as a trot steward a day in his life

    Scott later moved to Malaysia as a steward was then promoted to Chief steward but was forced to leave the position because of what were considered to be genuine death threats because of the efforts he was making to enforce the rules there.

    Almost immediately he was picked up by the Korea and as I recall is now in his second contract which to me at least would indicate he is doing a pretty good job.

    No a bad a CV for an ordinary steward for those that do not know Korea is a huge player based on their betting turnover so it is far from the international racing backwater that Archie would have you believe.

    Speaking of no one wanting you ….Archie you should know about that better than most of us.



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